We help companies and individuals to sell their valuable domain names. We apply our expertise to sell your digital asset(s) and to maximize the sale price.

Key aspects of our service:

Finding, professionally approaching, and discussing with serious prospect buyers.
Negotiation expertise. We’ll sell your domain at the best price.
Providing assistance with the entire process of selling the domain name.
Ensuring your information is kept private.
We speak many languages that cover the global market.

What domains we broker?

Due to the large volume of requests to sell domain names we have implemented the following requirements your domain must meet in order to be eligible for our service:

  • 1-2 English words (ex: gifts.com, TaxAttorney.com)
  • 1 word Spanish (ex: viajes.com)
  • 2 letter (ex: jd.com)
  • 3 letter (ex: hmo.com)
  • 4 letter (LLLL) portfolios
  • 2 number (NN)
  • 3 numbers (NNN)
  • 4 numbers (NNNN)
  • Large domain portfolios with revenue & traffic
  • only .com extension. We may consider other extensions if really exceptional.

The Process (Post-Submission):

1. Evaluation – Our team determines whether or not your domains meet our standard of brokerage.

2. Pricing – We help you to price them and we create individual listings for each one on our website.

3. Listing – We use online advertising, phone calls, and emails directed towards investors & companies in order to reach the right buyers for your digital assets. In this, we offer three main services to help sell your domain:

  • Inbound – With the purpose of maximizing interest generated from inbound offers, we will list your domain name on a custom landing page, suggest a price, and manage your leads from negotiation to closing of escrow.
  • Outbound – In order to generate offers for your domain, we use a corporate sales approach to identify business professionals in related companies would want the domain.
  • Auctioning/Newsletter – We can auction your domain or listing your domain in our investor newsletter (at no extra cost)

4. Closing – Once we give you an offer that is satisfactory to you, we begin the process of escrow where the transaction is done through Escrow.com and you are paid immediately after the domain is transferred.

Note:12.5% Fee (min. 125$ fee)