Almost 90% of domain sales go unreported. Domains like (acquired by Mark Zuckerberg), (acquired by, and (acquired by Equifax) are sold every week with the sales data often kept confidential. Due to our company policy or client’s request for confidentiality, Domain Holdings Group does not publicly report domain sales.

However, the industry does have a solid source for reporting published sales. DNJournal was started by Ron Jackson back on January1, 2003 and the for the last decade has been the go-to source for sales data. We like to think of Ron as the New York Times for the domain industry!

What are the Biggest Domain Sales to Date?

Below is a list of the largest published domain sales. Please note that this is a list of raw domains – which means the domains were not active websites or businesses at the time of sale. These sales are comparable to the sale of raw land.

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