We can help you acquire domains that are owned by someone else.

Do you need assistance with purchasing already registered domain names and don’t know where to start? We assist our customers in the process of acquiring registered domains, even if they are not for sale. Buying a premium domain name is made much easier with someone who knows the industry to acquire the asset for you.

How does the domain buy service work?

1.Customers contact us, including the domain name you want and an initial budget.

2.We contact domain owners through multiple channels and then negotiate prices.

3.​After several negotiations, a mutually agreeable price was reached.

4.Customer payment and verification.

5.Transfer the domain name to a registrar that the customer is comfortable with.

6.Ask the customer if he/she wants a free service specifically provided. For example, hosting, website, logo, etc.

Note:We guide every step of the way to ensure safe, fast and confidential transactions.

We make a solemn promise to our customers:

Private & Secure
We’ll keep your identity anonymous and confidential throughout the brokerage process.
Time saving
Buying a premium domain for your company takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. We make that process extremely easy.
Strategic advantage
Our contacts, tactics and negotiation skills will help you get the domain you want. We are in the domain business and we know every world’s major domain name owners and investors, lawyers, registrars and marketplaces.
Save money
We know the value of every domain and will negotiate a fair market value for you.

Our Fee

10% Fee (min. $100 fee)